Dew It Fitness WOD 2/20/17 (Holiday hours) - Dew It Fitness
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WOD 2/20/17 (Holiday hours)

February 19, 2017

Dew It Fitness update:

We will be doing snatches this Wednesday. If you like, you can complete your max lift if you haven’t yet done it.
We will also do our first benchmark WOD. The benchmark WOD is a conditioning workout which will give you the opportunity to test / track your conditioning progress. This will be completed on Tuesday & Wednesday. We will cover in more detail during class.
Class times for tomorrow: 6 am & 5:15 pm




Barbell step-up –

ME / Metcon:

Chipper –

100 Jumping jacks

90 Flutter kicks

80 Wall ball

70 Weighted sit-ups

60 Lateral lunges (30/side)

50 One arm snatch

40 Wipers (20/side)

30 Dips

20 Plank up-down push-ups

10 Bear crawls (30 feet)

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