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Strength and Conditioning Classes


Our strength and conditioning classes focus on building functional strength and transforming body composition. In this group setting, you will be joined by others at a similar fitness level and your coach who provides instruction, safety, and encouragement.



Schedule one-on-one time with your coach to work directly towards your goals. Personal training may be the quickest route to achieving your fitness ambitions. Personal training can be utilized as a standalone program or in conjunction with group classes. If used as a standalone program, your coach will develop an individualized program based on your goals.



Why is maintaining a healthy diet so difficult? The answer is not a simple one. Our culture's relationship with food is complex. Family, tradition, relationships, mood, schedule: these things all affect what we eat. This is why there is no simple formula for nutritional success.

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    Each class begins with a dynamic warmup followed by an explanation and demonstration of the workout of the day. The class will then complete a strength movement followed by muscular endurance and metabolic conditioning. The structure and intensity of each workout depends upon the class level. Each class is programmed to challenge participants according to their level of fitness.

    Why group classes?

    • Motivation – Intensity and performance are driven by a high energy atmosphere.
    • Accountability – Having a support system encourages consistent attendance.
    • Variety – A new workout every day means that you will never get bored.
    • Success Made Simple – Showing up and doing your best is the only requirement.
    • Camaraderie - Our fitness family supports and congratulates the success of each member.
    • Fun – Laughing, joking, and dancing are highly encouraged!
    • Results – Guaranteed.

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    If used to supplement your current program, you can spend time focusing on areas of improvement or concentrate on improving specific techniques.

    Personal training is great for:

    • Focusing on specific goals.
    • Getting extra help with that frustrating movement you can’t seem to nail down in class.
    • Creating and implementing powerful life-changing habits.
    • Beginners looking to advance quickly.
    • Technique development.
    • Breaking through plateaus.
    • Sports specific training.

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    It is commonly believed that eating healthy means sacrifice. IT DOESN’T. Achieving a healthy diet is not about fighting with cravings, mourning the loss of sweets, or going hungry. We can show you how to integrate small, but significant habits that yield big results. We do not believe in taking away, we believe in replacement. Our nutritional coaching goes far beyond calories and macronutrients, focusing on the things that truly matter: healthy habits, sustainability, and a holistic view of nutrition and the role we want it to play in our bodies and our lives.

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