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Summer Shred: Introduction

July 08, 2019


The Summer Shred will officially begin on Wednesday, and before we begin there are a few things to note:


  1. Online registration is required.

Please register for the Summer Shred if you have not already.

  1. All nutrition challenges are habit-based.

Each week, a blog will be posted to the website with nutrition habit(s) to follow, and the challenges within the ChallengeRunner app will correspond to the weekly habit.  The blog will provide the information you need to follow each habit completely and correctly. Each habit is meant to continue even when that particular week is over, so by the time the program ends, you’ll be following 6 new habits that completely clean up your diet.

  1. This program moves quickly.

We are giving your entire diet a makeover in 6 short weeks, and the only way to do that effectively is to keep up with challenges daily.  Since the challenges are nutrition-specific, they are based on what you ate that particular day, and should be completed at the end of each day.  Some challenges in the app will add points to your total score when completed (example: Yes, I ate veggies with every meal today), while other challenges will deduct points (example: Yes, I ate empty calories today). Checking-in to the app daily will lead to optimal results.

  1. More information is always available.

There will be resources included within each blog post for those who want to learn as much as possible. Many articles referenced in the blogs were written by Precision Nutrition, an amazing nutrition service with a ton of free articles available online. If you end up researching on your own and find helpful info, please share it! And if you want even more info than what we’ve offered, just let us know. I have nutrition information for days.

  1. This is designed for everyone.

We decided again the Whole-30 or Macros for this exact reason – we want everyone to have the chance to be involved. So if you have specific allergies or conditions that may limit your food choices more than most, please send us a text/email with this info before the Shred begins. If you require different resources, we want to get those over to you as soon as possible!

  1. You can make this as personalized as you’d like.

Each weekly blog will include instructions for receiving more specific nutritional guidance pertaining to each week’s habit(s). If you want to get as much out of this program as possible, take us up on our offers to personalize your recommendations.

Hopefully this goes without saying:  please reach out to us if you have any questions throughout the program.  Don’t quite understand the weekly habit? Having trouble with the app?  Send us a quick text/email and we’ll help ya out!


Here’s What To Do:

  1. Review weekly nutrition blog posted to the website each Wednesday. Here you will find the at-home workout and mobility for the week (finishers and mobility also on Daily WOD page).
  2. Review the app daily to log your responses to each challenge.
  3. Prepare for next week’s challenges! As a sneak peak, our first weekly challenge will be to eat vegetables with each meal daily. You’ll also receive points for taking a “BEFORE” picture as well as “BEFORE” measurements, so feel free to come in early any day this week to complete these!




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