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Jenna Ciliberto

July 06, 2016

I grew up in a very athletic and active family. Soccer is like a second religion to us. In a family of 5 and the oldest of 3 kids I was always the smallest. Although my name is Jenna, I also got used to responding to names like, “chicken legs”, “string bean”, “spaghetti arms” and “Betty spaghetti”. Because of this, my fitness goals were never to lose weight, but instead to gain strength and to compete better on the soccer field. Although I was always athletic, the gym itself and lifting weights was very intimidating to me. Choosing to join Paul and Deanna’s team at Dew It Fitness was the best decision I have ever made. Not only have I gotten over my fear of the gym, I have gained strength that I never knew my body was capable of, and I am playing the sport I love better than I have ever played before! Thank you Paul and Deanna for being the best coaches ever! Goodbye “spaghetti arms”, hello “meatball arms”! 🙂

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