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Fitness Challenge # 1: 6 Pack Attack!

July 09, 2018

2 Weeks left team! Lets work on those abs!

Your challenge is to complete this abs routine 3 – 4 times this week and post a pic to the shred group. You can complete this at home or at the gym, your choice.

6 Pack Attack: 3 Rounds 

5 Banana rolls

Image result for banana roll exercise

The banana roll consists of a hollow body hold to superman hold. Start in hollow body holding for 2 seconds, then roll onto your stomach using only your core. Next pull back your arms and legs so that you look like superman flying. Hold for 2 seconds and roll back to hollow body.

10 Body saws

Image result for body saw exercise

Begin in a forearm-plank position on a slick floor with a towel under your toes. Slide your body forward and back slightly by hinging at your elbows and shoulders, maintaining a rigid body line from head to heels throughout the exercise.

8 Fire hydrants / side

Image result for fire hydrant exercise

Ever seen a dog pee on a hydrant? It’s like that! Start on all fours, knees below your hips, hands below your shoulders. Keep your knee bent and lift your left leg out to the side until your thigh is parallel to the floor — you’ll look like a dog visiting a fire hydrant. Kick your leg straight back and return to start. Repeat with the right leg.

6 Oblique V-ups / side

Image result for oblique v-up

Lay down on your side with your weight on your booty cheek (not your hip!) and place your top hand behind your head. With your knees bent slightly, lift your legs up off the ground. At the same time, raise your upper body off the ground and touch your elbow to your knee.  Stay controlled as you lower yourself back to the starting position.

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